Submission Guidelines

To ensure a consistent and effective evaluation process, participants are advised to meticulously follow the outlined submission instructions:

1. File Format

- All design source files should be compressed and submitted as a `.ZIP` archive.

2. Circuit Design & Parameters

- Provide the optimized circuits structure and the corresponding optimal parameters (Three circuits in total for three different noise models provided in Noise Model).
- Participants may utilize any platform for circuit design. However, the finalized circuit must:
 • Be rendered in `QASM` format.
 • Represent a transpiled circuit based on the give system model described in System Model.

3. Optimization Techniques & Framework

- The submission repository should manifest techniques such as:
 • Pauli grouping
 • Error mitigation
 • Transpiling optimization
- Additionally, include a dedicated notebook file that:
 • Illustrates the method to load circuits in `QASM` format.
 • Explains subsequent optimizations, e.g., pauli grouping and error mitigation.
 • Details the alignment with the qiskit estimator, allowing for its integration. It's recommended to test the framework's performance on the qiskit estimator using the supplied test seeds.

4. Documentation

- Ensure the inclusion of a `` file. This document should:
 • Provide a concise overview of the requirements.
 • Detail the steps to execute the code.
To preserve the fairness of evaluation, designs will undergo standardized assessments on the qiskit estimator using ten distinct seeds.

Proceed to submission using the link below.

Submission Link